For patients, caregivers and family members of the CTCA Community
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“The online community

has given me the luxury to
connect with others and
and share our experiences.”
—Rosie Painter, Western Regional Medical Center
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“Being able to

talk to someone gives
you reassurance that
you can get through
this journey.”

—Ron Pavuk, Southeastern Regional Medical Center
“I am honored

to be a volunteer with
Cancer Fighters® Care Net.
I am here in case someone
needs to reach out.”
—Norma Alexander, Southeastern Regional Medical Center
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Our Cancer Fighters

are an inspiration to others
and their stories provide comfort, support and hope.
“As a caregiver,
Cancer Fighters has given me the privilege of sharing the hope we felt immediately on our first visit and on every visit since.”
— Connie Lindley, Midwestern Regional Medical Center
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