For patients, caregivers and family members of the CTCA Community
For Caregivers

When your loved one has cancer, your first priority is helping him or her make the right decisions about fighting cancer—where to treat, what treatments to pursue and which integrated therapies to consider.

Your second priority is making the right decisions for yourself. Many caregivers fight so hard for their loved ones that they neglect their own well-being.

Cancer Fighters® can help in both areas. Advice from members who have been in your shoes, and resources like the Caregivers Guidebook, help you and your loved one make decisions about cancer treatment. Meanwhile, support groups and other resources—like nutrition tips and spiritual support—help you take care of you.

Need help managing all the changes that cancer brings to your lives? Find the support you need through Cancer Fighters.

Places to Visit for Caregiver Support

Learn a new recipe or a new yoga pose. Catch a movie and maybe make a new friend. See what’s going on at your CTCA hospital!

Support groups in your community can help answer your questions, provide encouragement and connect you with others fighting cancer. Visit Cancer Support Organizations.

Cancer Fighters® can help you connect with someone who has traveled a cancer journey themselves, by phone or in person. Visit our Request Support page.