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Knowledge is strength—and everyone fighting cancer can use more strength.

Whether you are fighting cancer-related fatigue or just planning that next vacation, we have information for you. 


CTCA Innovator: The CTCA Innovator was developed to keep our patients informed about advances in treatment and technology available at CTCA. Click here to download the current issue of the CTCA Innovator.


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The CTCA Blog provides information on cancer-related issues including health tips, news and resources for cancer patients and their families

The Travel Guide for Cancer Patients was created by CTCA patients for you.

In the Ask the Expert series, you can hear from CTCA clinical experts on topics including Chemo Brain, Intimate Connections and much more!

Patients and caregivers can make small lifestyle changes that can help to improve their memories and thinking abilities. Learn how CTCA speech-language pathologists are helping cancer survivors with chemo brain.