For cancer patients, caregivers, family members and survivors
Community Engagement and Outreach Team

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) Community Engagement and Outreach Team (CEOT) is available to you as a valued member of the Cancer Fighters program. CEOT offers your referrals concierge-level access to CTCA® with additional support, education, and guidance for seeking cancer treatment.

Whether you are speaking to someone on the phone or striking up a conversation about your cancer journey with CTCA at a social event, CEOT is available to assist you by providing  you with access to the following tools and resources:

  • - A direct phone number for questions and referrals: 844-97-FIGHT
  • - A team email at
  • - Expert, personal service (including timely insurance verification) throughout the patient referral process

This team will ensure that every person you speak to about CTCA receives accurate information about qualifying for treatment and expert, personalized service should he or she choose to treat at CTCA. 


Meet Your Team

Pattie Berens

I have worked at CTCA for 30 years. I started in HR just 3 months after the Tulsa hospital opened in 1990. I transitioned to working with patients in 1992. Helping others gives me great joy and I feel honored and blessed to help so many find the care they so deserve. 


Jennifer Boelkens

I joined CTCA as an Oncologist Information Specialist in 2005. I have been one of the "first voices" of CTCA and a patient advocate for over 15 years. I am blessed and so grateful to be part of an organization that puts the patient, and their healing, first and offers integrative and compassionate cancer care.


Erin DeSart

I am honored to be a part of the CTCA family and deliver on the Mother Standard of care. I enjoy biking and running on nature paths, dining at hibachi restaurants and traveling. 


Matt Karner

I have worked for CTCA as a Patient Advocate for 9 years. I enjoy volunteering for St. Baldrick's Foundation and Matthias Academy. 


Debbie Kidd

I have been an Oncology Information Specialist for 14 years. Working at CTCA has been a joy allowing me to live my passion, which is helping others. I feel very honored and blessed to be able to help cancer patients and their loved ones get the care they need and deserve.


 Jeff Kranicki

I have worked at CTCA for over five years, helping patients and caregivers who call by answering their questions about cancer care at CTCA and, if appropriate, arranging for an evaluation at one of our hospitals. It is inspiring to be able to help people during on of the most challenging periods of their lives.

           Jane Lee Zimmer

I joined CEOT in September 2020 after working for years in other healthcare organizations. I have worked directly with patients undergoing cancer treatment, clinicians working to support the care patients receive within hospitals and healthcare organizations..


 Allison Nelson

I previously worked in behavioral health with a focus on pediatric autism. I partnered with pediatricians and specialists to identify symptoms early and have up-to-date knowledge on all available treatment options. I am privileged to continue to listen and support patients and their families to help meet their needs and support them through their cancer journey.


Kathleen Oates

I joined CTCA as an Oncology Information Specialist in 2004 and have come to greatly appreciate the people I work with and the patients I have the honor of helping. I am grateful to be part of an organization that places respect and compassion at the forefront.


Karen Rivera

I joined CTCA as an Oncology Information Specialist in 2006 and have come to appreciate the people I work with, patients I have the honor of helping, and also for being part of an organization that places respect and compassion at the forefront.


Kathleen Scott

I joined CTCA in 2019 as a member of CEOT. Previously, I had worked in oncology clinical research for nine years, developing and implementing a cancer research program across a seven-hospital system. Additionally, I spent four years in physician relations and business development in a health care environment.


Brian Shannon

I have been a member of the CTCA family since 2011. I am dedicated to helping people diagnosed with cancer gain access to treatment at one of our hospitals. I have spoken with many cancer patients and family members, and I strive to understand what is unique and important to each caller.


Deb Stangl

I am a 5 time triple negative breast cancer survivor, having found breast cancer when I was just 30 years old and 7 months pregnant. After many years of surgeries, testing, chemo and radiation I found my true calling when I saw an ad from CTCA looking for people to speak to other cancer patients looking for direction. 


          Kelly Tinnes

It is an honor to be part of a team that is dedicated to making a real and lasting difference in the lives of the people we serve. I am committed to helping cancer patients because my mom and several of my aunts are cancer survivors. Walking alongside them during their cancer journeys has inspired me to strive to help others during this difficult time in their lives.


Jon Turner

I have been with CTCA for over three years. I have spent my entire professional career in the healthcare industry. I truly have a passion for helping others and I love that my professional career has helped me live out this passion in every role that I have had.


Heather Zoellick

I am thrilled to work at CTCA and to be able to help people connect with the cancer care they need and deserve. With a background in marketing and communications in health care, I am honored to use my creativity, communication skills and passion to build relationships grounded in compassion, care and empathy.

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