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How can keeping a journal help you?

Many Cancer Fighters® members have discovered the health benefits of journaling.

They have found that writing—even for just a few minutes a day—can bring about mental, emotional and cognitive health benefits. These benefits can help them cope better with the mental and physical challenges of living with cancer or taking care of a loved one who has cancer.

Research shows that journaling can relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It can even improve your cognitive function and boost your immune system. Writing removes mental blocks, letting you harness the power of your mind, improve your focus and help you solve problems more effectively, according to an article published in PsychCentral.

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Enjoy these three great articles on how journaling helps, and how to make it part of your life.

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Mind-body medicine

Journaling is just one of many techniques for linking physical health with psychological and spiritual wellness. Learn more about mind-body medicine.

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