For cancer patients, caregivers, family members and survivors
Survivorship Support

Helping you live with your “new normal”

Did you know that you are considered a cancer survivor from the moment you first hear the words, “You have cancer.”

Your Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) care team takes a long-term view of your health, during and after your cancer treatments. We provide services and support as long as you care to maintain a relationship with us, sharing your journey of healing and hope as you adjust to the “new normal” of being a cancer survivor.

Long-term health effects

Living with, and beyond, a cancer diagnosis can have its challenges. Cancer therapies may affect your health over a period of time, or increase your risk of developing other conditions later.

Some of the long and late-term side effects of cancer treatment may include:

It is also completely natural for you to experience psychological and emotional effects, including concerns about your cancer recurring.

Our Survivorship Support team at CTCA—including an advanced practitioner, a medical oncologist and a social worker—monitors these common side effects with ongoing assessments and evaluations.

The Survivorship Support Program consists of four key elements:

1. Program introductions: At the start of your treatment, we will meet with you to talk about the Survivorship Support Program and how it can benefit you.

2. Clinical assessments: After your primary treatment, we will work with you to assess your health and identify potential long- and late-term effects of your treatment.

3. Care plan: We will complete a wellness plan for you based on the specific treatments you have received. The plan will include help with managing medications, side effects and pain.

4. Communication: We will continue to be in touch whenever you need us, providing nutritional, physical and emotional education and support.

Whether you are at one of our cancer hospitals, or at home in between visits, your Survivorship Support team continually works to empower you with options for enhancing your overall quality of life. Members of your care team are readily available to you and are only a phone call away.

Contact your care team to learn more.

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Follow-up appointments are not all tests and doctor visits—they are about your complete wellness.