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HOPE Program


Cancer Fighters HOPE Program

Welcome to your Cancer Fighters HOPE Program! As a benefit of being a Cancer Fighters member, we invite you to participate in this exclusive recognition program.

Whenever you help build the Cancer Fighters community of camaraderie and hope, your efforts will be acknowledged through the HOPE Program by receiving points to reach recognition milestones.

How can you earn points? By continuing to do what you already do every day! Various ways to earn points include:

  • - Encouraging others to join Cancer Fighters.
  • - Sharing your story through the Story Builder app.
  • - Attending an on-site or virtual event.
  • - Interacting with @CTCACancerFighters content on Facebook.

By earning HOPE Program points, Cancer Fighters members will reach the following recognition levels:

  • - Bronze: 5 - 49 points
  • - Silver: 50 - 249 points
  • - Gold: 250 - 499 points
  • - Platinum: 500+ points

To show our appreciation, the Cancer Fighters team is happy to provide members with various tokens of appreciation as they reach engagement milestones. Examples of these include:

  • - HOPE Program recognition level pins to wear while on-site at your local CTCA hospital.
  • - A Cancer Fighters travel blanket to keep or donate to share the warmth with a new patient.
  • - Virtual parties to celebrate with the Cancer Fighters team and members from around the country.

Have a question that we didn’t answer in the FAQs? Please reach out to your Cancer Fighters at

Frequently Asked Questions

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