For patients, caregivers and family members of the CTCA Community
When Karen Reynolds heard the words, “You have carcinoma,” she felt helpless and confused.

One person helped turn confusion into clarity. That person was Keisha Echols.

I owe Rod and Keisha
the biggest heartfelt thank you.
Their sharing of their experience, I believe,
saved my life.”
— Karen Reynolds

What if you, too, could turn helplessness into hope for someone?

You can.

And you can, simply by keeping your eyes, ears and heart open and sharing your experience with those who are looking for options and hope. Here are some resources that can help you impact someone’s life today:

Connect with Cancer Fighters on Facebook Connect with Cancer Fighters® members on Facebook. Our Facebook page is an easy, fun way to stay in touch, keep up with activities at your CTCA hospital, or reach out to someone who might need a hopeful word.
Connect with Cancer Fighters on Facebook Create your own story in Story Builder, a unique tool that helps you write your personal journey, step by step. You can customize your story’s design, then download it to share and inspire others.
Connect with Cancer Fighters on Facebook Explore the Cancer Fighters Library. Can an inspirational card lift someone’s spirits? Can a fact-filled brochure make someone’s decisions less confusing? You will find those resources and many more in our online library.