For patients, caregivers and family members of the CTCA Community
How We Help You

Cancer Fighters® was founded in 1990 by a group of Cancer Treatment Center of America® (CTCA) patients seeking a way to tap into the experience, knowledge and inspiration of cancer patients and caregivers across the country.

Today, Cancer Fighters continues to grow at each CTCA® hospital, connecting cancer patients and caregivers who need support with patients and caregivers who can give them that support—a nationwide community, more than 20,000 strong, who nurture, engage and empower one another.

The Cancer Fighters Mission
      We are a community of people fighting cancer who nurture, engage and empower one another. We give our support, stories and courage to inspire, help and celebrate life with one another. Together, we embrace life and share our strength, optimism and hope.


Getting Support
You have family and friends who care for you and a dedicated care team at CTCA. But when you are fighting cancer, sometimes you need the support of someone who has faced the same challenges you have.

Cancer Fighters connects you with other patients and caregivers who have shared similar experiences, for the healing support you may not find anywhere else. 

As a Cancer Fighters member, you get regular invitations to activities, events and support groups at your CTCA hospital—opportunities to learn, have fun and connect with other members. You can also receive the Cancer Fighters Thrive® enewsletter, join our Cancer Fighters Chat webinars, and write about your own personal cancer journey with Story Builder.

With Cancer Fighters, you become part of a nationwide community, thousands strong, dedicated to the idea that no one ever fights cancer alone.

Giving Support
You’ve fought this fight. Are you ready to give back to others?

Your experience and knowledge can help others facing the same fight. Cancer Fighters gives you the opportunity to support other patients with the advice and encouragement they need to overcome the toughest battle of their lives.

When other cancer patients have questions, the Cancer Fighters Ambassador program and Cancer Fighters® Care Net help you answer them by sharing what helped you. And you’ll find that our Library is full of great support resources that you can order (or download) for free. These reference materials help you help others—and yourself—whether you’re chatting one on one or participating in local community events.

Cancer Fighters take pride in giving back by supporting others.


Build strong connections
Get involved and have fun!
Meet other members to enjoy a movie, share support or learn something new. There's always something going on with Cancer Fighters at your nearest CTCA hospital!